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JCORBDBPYALotusScript - NotesJSONElement - Removed the 64K limit on the NotesJSONElement.Value property (outbound)
KHORBKVS77Programmability - @Functions - Fixed an issue where the FileExport @Command did not recognize the new V11 "PDF Document" file type.
RFRF9KXEE8XPages - Fixed an issue where XPages applications would intermittently fail to display every few days xPages applications intermittently fail to...
AGUDBVUP6SProgrammability - DXL - $TemplateBuild item is now included in dxl export.
KKOOBXGB65Programmability - LotusScript - Fix for rare crash during execution of Session.UserGroupNameList property in LotusScript.
EMUZC3FLKWXPages - Fixed an issue where XPages Bootstrap theme bundle contained numerous sysout lines
EMUZC3FM6LXPages - Bootstrap4 - Fixed an issue where extending the "Bootstrap4" theme would cause some icons to not be displayed. Workaround was to use the...
EMUZC3FNDWXPages - Bootstrap4 - Fixed an issue where the Bootstrap4 theme didn't function correctly when resource aggregation was enabled ("Use runtime...
EMUZC3FNJ5XPages - Bootstrap4 - Fixed an issue where the Bootstrap4 widget container chevrons were visually broken.
JCORC3MPW2Programmability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where HTTPRequest.Put was not working on servers that don't support chunking, e.g. Microsoft...
RGANC3NM4GProgrammability - Formulas - Fixed an issue where @ResolutionWidth and @ResolutionHeight were returning incorrect window's width and...
JCUSC44RP3Programmability - DQL - Fixed an issue where DQL queries using @DocumentUniqueID = '<value>' terms were failing to find the proper documents. This...
MKENC47F4HProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed a race condition in LotusScript system services code which may lead to a crash.
JCUSC47JW5Programmability - DQL - Fixed an issue where DQL queries with nested OR booleans would result in errors in assigning subordinate terms and...
ASHEC4PB7RProgrammability - DQL- Fixed an issue where floating point numbers being used in DQL queries were not working if user's computer had international...
JCUSC5J4ZZProgrammability - DQL - Fixed an issue where a single parenthesized term was being dropped from query execution In DQL,
MDAAC2AGMNProgrammability - Java - Fixed a crash under Java_com_ibm_domino_napi_c* dealing with idtables
JBUDBRKRE3Programmability - CAPI - Fixed an issue on Linux where OSSetSystemVariable api call was not deleting the system variable when NULL was passed in as...
EELOBY9N4QProgrammability - Java - Fixed an issue with Java level compiler compatibility for java agents where error "Resource specification not allowed here...
ASHEBYPPVSProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an error "Error setting certificate verify locations" when using NotesHTTPRequest in multi-user environment...
MNAAA8K92EXPages - Fixed an issue where 4 byte Utf-8 Japanese characters are displaying as wire frame boxes/garbled in XPages application. This issue occurs...
PALTBNXPQ4XPages - Fixed an issue where, when using the CKEditor with Domino the browser console prints a Dojo error in xspCKEditor-web-config.js. This...
GHEDBUYTM6Programmability - Fixed an issue where NotesJSONNavigator and related classes did not properly set boolean values on AIX.
EELOBYXR94Programmability - LotusScript - Fixed a crash that could occur with IDScan.
ASHEC2GPB8Programmability - LotusScript - Fixed a crash that could occur in NotesHTTPRequest.GetResponseHeaders.
JCUSC3L52BProgrammability - DQL - Fixed a precedence level error with nested OR boolean.
NNAIA796M6Programmability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where using GetMIMEEntity("Body") from new document could result in corrupted MIME attachments. ...


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